Quick Backup before Payroll

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We make a tape backup every week, but we would like to make a quick backup of the data before a Payroll check run. Will the CertiflexDimension backup system work for this?

In CertiflexDimension 9.0, there is a very effective backup system which can be used to make quick backups prior to check runs, or if you would like to make a general backup on a daily basis. The backup can be used for several different purposes, such as just before Payroll check runs, Accounts Payable check runs, Client Write-up batch entries, or Order Entry invoices. You may also choose to back up all data for a current company, or all data files for all companies. To access the backup system, go to your File menu, select Data File Maintenance. From here, select Backup/Restore Data Files. Click on the Backup tab and select the options you desire for the backup. Backup files will be saved in a ZIP format. These can be saved to a CD, ZIP drive, jump drive, or another location on your hard drive. If you should need to restore your backup, you will access the Restore feature by selecting File, then >Data File Maintenance.
Select ‘Backup/Restore Data Files’ and click >Restore tab. From here, you can select the backup file you made, and if you choose, any specific files you wish to restore.

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