Enter Key as TAB

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I am used to using the Enter key to go from field to field. Can I still do this in CertiflexDimension?

CertiflexDimension can be configured on a per-user basis to use the Enter key to move from field to field.
To set this up in CertiflexDimension 8.0, select your File menu at the top of the screen, then select >Preferences. From that, select >User Preferences. You will then see your user preferences for your login. Click on the Preferences tab and check the box for the option to ‘Use Enter Key as Tab Key’, then click> Save to save your changes.

In Certiflex Dimension 9.0, you may either select User Preferences from underneath the File menu, or you may press your F6 key to access this screen. In user preferences, the option for Enter Key Works as Tab Key is located under the Settings tab.

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