Are You Accurately Tracking and Billing for Your Work?

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Accounting professionals often budget and bill clients for compilation and review engagements based on the number of accounting entries needed. To assist in tracking these entries, a Client Write-Up Transaction Type Summary report is available exclusively from your CertiflexDimension Service Center.

This handy overview is designed to analyze and compare all recorded transactions for any client. The output is displayed in a convenient comparative year format including MTD, QTD and YTD breakdowns of Vendor, Employee, Journal and Closing Entry transaction counts.

To launch this new service, click >Active Services and then >Overviews within your Service Center and double-click Client Write-Up Transaction Type Summary.

This service is available exclusively to Disk Maintenance customers using CertiflexDimension Client Write-Up 9.0. If you do not have the Client Write-Up module and would like more information about this professional system, please contact our Sales Department at 1-800-Certiflex today!

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