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A vendor is claiming I never paid an invoice from 6 months ago but I specifically remember entering it into my accounts payable system. Since it is not showing up in that vendor’s history, maybe I entered it to the wrong vendor and miss-filed the paperwork. Since I can not seem to find it on my aged payables, how can I find out what happened without searching through all my paper files?

Skip the file cabinet treasure hunt and try out the super convenient EZ-Finder utility built right into your CertiflexDimension Accounts Payable. Simply access the review vendor window and click on the ez button option. From the EZ-Finder window, set the >Where to "History" and then enter your missing invoice number in the >When Conatains and click >Find it. The system will quickly scan all your history looking for any matching items that contain your missing invoice number. If you do not see any likely suspects in the probable match list or you found no matches, you may try entering the invoice’s dollar amount in the >When Contains and click >Find It. EZ-Finder is really that easy to use and it sure does beat flipping through pages and pages of reports and file folders.

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