COVID-19 Update for Certiflex Software Customers

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COVID-19 Update for Certiflex Software Customers As news develops around the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, your team at Certiflex Software is carefully monitoring the situation. Our Health and Safety team has implemented plans to make sure our operations and service remain at the highest quality for our customers. Please refer to the following documents […]

2018 Federal Withholding Tables are Now Available

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The IRS has released Notice 1036 that contains the 2018 Federal withholding tables. These tax tables have been published to the CertiflexDimension web update system and are now available for automatic downloading. Reminder, due to the late passage date of tax reform legislation, the 2018 Federal tax table withholding changes were not in the regular […]

Federal and State Withholding/Tax Table Updates

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With the possibility of additional congressional legislation, it looks like this will be one of those years that the 2018 federal withholding tables will not be published until very late December. We will be releasing our first set of 2018 tax table updates around the last week of December. Other releases will be available in […]

Year End Tax Forms

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All 2017 year-end processing tax forms have been updated and have been available for web downloading since the first week of December. Updates for 2017 include changes to 1099/1096 forms, W2/W3 forms, 940 forms, 944 forms and ACA 1095 forms.

Exporting State Quarterly Forms detail (TX QuickFile)

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The CertiflexDimension State Forms module’s Export Detail option will export quarterly form details into a comma delimited file that can then be opened in a variety of applications or used with Texas’ QuickFile wage reporting program. To access this feature, select >Reports >Client Write-up >Payroll Quarterly State Forms or >Reports >Payroll >Quarterly State Forms. At […]

Inventory Importing Options

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The CertiflexDimension Inventory system offers a variety of ASCII compatible import features that allow you to update cost, quantity, price, and physical count. >MAINTAIN LISTS >INVENTORY ITEMS >OPTIONS >EDIT COST/ON-HAND QUANTITIESIf you have several items to update, you can import the information using this feature. The import file must be an ASCII, tab-delimited file for […]

Anytime, Anywhere Access to CertiflexDimension

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Have you ever wanted to use your accounting system from home? How about emailing your customer a copy of their sales order direct from your wireless tablet or pad computer? With today’s technology and a high-speed internet connection at your office, you can.    To learn how, click on the link below and download the whitepaper on […]

Archiving Payroll Records

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Question: How long should I keep my payroll records? Answer: The IRS requires that payroll records must be kept for four years after the tax due date or the actual date paid.  However, state and Social Security Administration requirements may differ.  A quick and easy way to archive your payroll records is to use the […]

Export Job Cost Detail Features Now Available

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A feature to export Job Cost detail for a range of jobs into a tab-delimited text file has been added. To access this new feature, select >Maintain Lists, >Job Cost, >Master Cost Codes, then click >Export Detail. An export window will allow you to select the range of jobs and date ranges as well as other formatting […]

Easier Processing for ACH Cash Transactions

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Express Checks, Quick Checks and Prepayment Checks now support non-form payments such as ACH cash payments, wire transfers and ePhone checks.  The system now includes an alpha/numeric reference number with a 30-character memo for tracking even the most extensive confirmation numbers.