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Export Job Cost Detail Features Now Available

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A feature to export Job Cost detail for a range of jobs into a tab-delimited text file has been added. To access this new feature, select >Maintain Lists, >Job Cost, >Master Cost Codes, then click >Export Detail. An export window will allow you to select the range of jobs and date ranges as well as other formatting […]

Easier Processing for ACH Cash Transactions

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Express Checks, Quick Checks and Prepayment Checks now support non-form payments such as ACH cash payments, wire transfers and ePhone checks.  The system now includes an alpha/numeric reference number with a 30-character memo for tracking even the most extensive confirmation numbers.   

Client Write-up Now Supports 1099 Exemption Accounts

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Previously, if only a portion of an after-the-fact vendor check was to be reported on Form 1099, you had to separate the 1099 and non-1099 amounts and allocate to separate vendors. Now, Client Write-up allows you to classify and assign non-1099 ledger account. In addition, previously processed transactions can be recalculated.

Restricted Access on Review Account “Views” (v10 only)

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A restriction in our account review programs has been applied to the following modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Order Entry and Purchase Order. Because alternate account views include report totals otherwise available in reports, users restricted from printing reports will be prohibited from accessing the “Views” drop-down from the account Review screen. […]

Archived Reports Cataloged by Year

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Your CertiflexDimension accounting software includes a powerful digitized archiving system available on virtually every report created from withing your system. Once a report has been digitally archived, it can be retrieved by clicking >Open Saved Report… option from within the standard Reports and Graphs window. Accessing this option will always by default list all archived […]

Batch Scheduling for Vendor Check Printing

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CertiflexDimension Accounts Payable includes a flexible batch assignment system for printing vendor checks. The system supports up to 99 batches per company processed individually or by range. Batch terms can be individually assigned and rescheduled by vendor, by invoice or by job. The flexible pro-forma check program can be used for universal rescheduling capable of […]

Improved Archived Invoice Searching

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CertiflexDimension Accounts Receivable began archiving customer invoices digitally in 1995. Today, many customers have literally gigabytes of invoices stored on their system. In the past, using the >Find invoice number search option located under >Reprint Invoices has very time consuming process – especially for high volume customers.    Try the new search engine now available under >Reprint […]

Introducing the best assistant in town – Smart Learn

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Smart Learn is the ultimate data entry assistant for accountants and bookkeepers. Working from within your CertiflexDimension Client Write-up, it revolutionizes the time-consuming task of translating the proverbial “shoebox”, filled with check stubs, receipts and deposits, into accurate and meaningful financial data.  Smart Learn is a unique new concept that seamlessly combines the power and […]

Sales Snapshots Include Averages and Estimates

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If you are constantly monitoring your company’s sales, you will find a valuable ally in the new Accounts Receivable Sales Summary available exclusively from the CertiflexDimension Service Center .     This time-saving overview service is designed to analyze daily sales and present an up-to-the-minute snapshot in a convenient format that includes daily averages and […]

EZ-Finder Can Now Be Found in More Places!

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We’ve just added the convenient EZ-Finder feature to Client Write-Up, General Ledger and Accounts Payable. One of the most convenient features any accounting software can offer is a built-in search tool right at your fingertips. That’s why we created the EZ-Finder search engine for CertiflexDimension. For anything from showing all current year ledger transactions with […]