Changing Body of Email Confirmation

Q: How can I change the body of email when sending order confirmations via email?

A: To change the body of email order confirmations, invoices, sales Orders etc. you will need to modify a CertiflexDimension .TXT file. You may locate this file in your software directory by going to:

Tools\Directory Utility\ADVX\XConnect\ECFRM.TXT

You will need to open the file in notepad and change the information displayed for body of e-mail. However, please save the file for your company in question by following the direction below.

To make custom changes to this file, always copy the file to a specific

company by preceding the file name with {dz-}

i.e. To Modify File for Company 00

  • Copy …\advx\XConnect\ECFRM.Txt …\advx\XConnect\00-ECFRM.Txt

If you need any assistance with this file, please contact support @ 1-800-237-8435