Ultra Local Workstation install

Installing CertiflexDimension Ultra for use on a single workstation is a very straight forward process. To install licensed software, you will be required to enter a CD-Key and Authorization Code during the installation process.
This article is intended for non-network installations. If you are installing CertiflexDimension in a multi-user (networked) environment, please refer to the CertiflexDimension KnowledgeBase Article Ultra Network Installation Tips.
  • Where will CertiflexDimension be installed?
  • How do I run the installation program?
  • How do I re-install CertiflexDimension or add new modules to an existing CertiflexDimension installation?
  • I bought a new computer. How do I get CertiflexDimension data from the old computer?
  • Technically, what does the installation program actually do?

Q: Where will CertiflexDimension be installed?

A: The installation process will create the folder CertiFlx\Advx for CertiflexDimension (the folder for demonstration software will be CertiFlx\DemoAdvx). By default, a single workstation installation will create this folder in C:. You can optionally install CertiflexDimension to any existing local drive path. For example, if you select the ‘C:Program Files’ folder, the program will install CertiflexDimension in C:Program FilesCertiFlx\Advx.

Q: How do I run the installation program?

A: Before installing, make sure you have a current backup of your system and close all open Windows programs. You will be required to login to your computer as an Administrator or equivalent and may be required to reboot your computer after installation. Insert the CertiflexDimension CD into your CD drive. The installation program should begin to run automatically. To manually run the installation program:

• From the Task Bar, select ‘Run”
• Click >Browse
• Use the Drive selector in the Browse window to choose your CD drive designator
• From the File Name selector, choose SETUP.EXE and click >OK
• When the RUN window appears, click >OK

To install licensed software, select Option 1,
Install CertiflexDimension.

To install demonstration software, select Option 2, Install Dimension Demonstration Software. Follow the remaining prompts and instructions of the installation wizard.

Q:  How do I re-install CertiflexDimension or add new accounting modules to an existing installation?
A:  Perform the following steps:
1. Make a backup of existing CertiflexDimension programs and data. Do not backup over your most recent backup. CertiflexDimension is specifically designed to be installed in existing installations without effecting existing data or configuration, but a good backup may be your only recourse in the unlikely event of a computer failure during the installation process.
2. Make sure you are not logged-in to CertiflexDimension before running the CertiflexDimension installation. Unpredictable results may occur if you install CertiflexDimension while another window is active.
3. The installation wizard will ask where you wish to install CertiflexDimension. Make sure to specify the same drive path used when originally installing CertiflexDimension. If you are unsure of this setting, right-click on the CertiflexDimension icon on your desktop and select Properties. Select the Shortcut tab. Your current drive path should be displayed in the Start in: property of the Window. To close the property window of the icon, click >Cancel.
4. The installation wizard will prompt you to select the accounting modules you wish to install. Make sure you have selected all licensed modules including any modules recently purchased.
5. To start the installation wizard, insert the CertiflexDimension CD into your CD drive. From the main installation window, select Option 1, Install CertiflexDimension.
Q: I bought a new computer. How do I get my CertiflexDimension data from the old computer?

A: Perform the following steps:
1. Install CertiflexDimension on your new computer.
2. From your old computer, use the Backup option in CertiflexDimension and select All data files within the …CertiFlx\Advx folders. Set the backup location to be a portable USB drive or R/W CD. CertiflexDimension backup system compresses data at 80% -90%. Approximately 1.0 GB of uncompressed CertiflexDimension data can be backed up on a 128 MB USB drive.
3. On your new computer, log-in to CertiflexDimension and use the Restore option to restore all your CertiflexDimension data.

Q: Technically, what does the installation program actually do?

A: For new installations, the program creates the folder for CertiflexDimension and installs all accounting modules you have selected from the installation wizard. Next, the system automatically creates the required default files and folders needed to operate CertiflexDimension. If you have selected the option to Configure Dimension Setting (the default is always pre-selected to be true), the system will also add the Windows Registry keys required to run CertiflexDimension. If, during the installation wizard, you have selected the option to Install Pervasive Workstation Client, the system will also install and register Pervasive Workstation v6.15 Database Engine and Drivers. The default for this option will automatically be true if the system has not detected existing Pervasive v6.15 above workstation drivers or above. Pervasive database drivers and engines are required to run all CertiflexDimension software. For more detailed articles regarding Pervasive engines and drivers, please see related articles under the KnowledgeBase Category ‘Pervasive/Btrieve Database’.