New Features shape tax reporting

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CertiflexDimension tax form programs have undergone major changes. Many of the hefty new features for 2005 reporting were your requests.

Form 1099
The programs for generating Form 1099 have a streamlined interface with much easier support for box limits, prior year totals and account numbers. in addition, the following enhancements have been added:

  • Full support for Form 1099-NT
  • User edit for state wages and 409A income
  • Includes mandatory vendor ID numbers
  • Overrides for 1099 minimums and withholding


CertiflexDimension Forms W2 / W3 origination programs for 2005 have been completely redesigned to better match current tax regulations. With a simple wizard type, this state-of-the-art forms generator brings employee wage reporting into the 21st century.

  • Supports 409A deferrals and income
  • Electric filing with advanced media options
  • Automatic W3 calculations when editing
  • Prints W2s by copy type for convenience
  • Archives all forms in PDF format for reference and reprinting

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