Update Bank Reconciliation from AR

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After applying Accounts Receivable payments and posting to ledger, I then have to import those deposits into Bank Reconciliation from the ledger.  Is there a quicker way to do this?


Yes, the Accounts Receivable Apply Payments function has the ability to directly update those deposits to the Bank Reconciliation program, even if you are not using the Deposit System.  

Click >Transactions >Accounts Receivable >Apply Payments.  Click on the Session button and you will see a list of your bank accounts.  Check the box to update the bank account at the end of the session.  Then choose the bank account you wish to update.  Click >Ok and apply payments.  

When you close the Apply Payments session, the corresponding deposits will then update to the Bank Reconciliation program with a description of “Direct AR Deposit.”  The deposit number is automatically assigned by finding the last deposit number in your bank account and incrementing by one.

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