Accounts Payable : Year-end Closing Procedures


Old Fiscal Year – OldYear (Example – 2010)

New Fiscal Year – NewYear (Example – 2011)

The following procedure assumes a fiscal year-end of December 31. To begin a fiscal year-end close, change the system date to December 31, OldYear. To perform a closing in CertiflexDimension 10.1 from the System Manager, click File, and select Start New Period Files.

New vendor files for NewYear must be created before vendor invoices or checks can be processed in NewYear. During this process, the Historical Aged Accounts Payable Reports for January through November of the OldYear will be deleted. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a printed copy of these reports prior to beginning. To access Form 1099 information for OldYear after you have created NewYear files, set the system date to December OldYear. Accounts Payable allows vouchering in December OldYear, even after creating vendor files for NewYear, by setting the system date to December OldYear and vouchering as normal. The system will detect invoices being processed across the fiscal year-end and add them to OldYear and NewYear vendor files. If interactive with General Ledger, GL files for OldYear will be updated. You must re-close GL to reflect those entries in NewYear General Ledger.