Exporting Employee Addresses for Mail Merge

Q: Is there a way to print Payroll Time Card Labels that include the employee’s address?

A: Yes.  While CertiflexDimension’s Time Card Label report will only print the names and numbers of your employees, you do have the ability to export employee detail, including their address, which can then be used in other programs.

Click >File >Data File Maintenance >Export Data Files.  In the “Data to Export” field, select Payroll Employee Information (PR1).  By default, the exported data file will be named TEXT.DAT and saved in the CertiFLXAdvxXConnect folder.  To change the default name and/or save location, click “Browse…” under “Output File”.

Under “Fields to Export”, click on the records you want to export.  Using mailing labels as an example, you would select Name, Address, and City State Zip.  When a record has been selected to be exported, a checkmark will appear next to it.  In the bottom right corner, under “Field Delimiters”, select “Tab Delimited”.  Click the “Start Export” button and the system will export the selected data fields and create a tab delimited file using the file name and destination displayed under “Output File”.

Retrieve the file, right-click on it and choose to “Rename” it.  Change the .DAT extension to .TXT.  Open the file in a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) and follow that program’s steps for creating a mail merge.