Exporting State Quarterly Forms detail

Q:   Is there a way to export the information from my quarterly state form into a spreadsheet or to be upload via wage reporting software?

A:   The CertiflexDimension State Forms module’s Export Detail option will export quarterly form details into a comma delimited file that can then be opened in a variety of applications or used with Texas’ QuickFile wage reporting program.

To access this feature, select >Reports >Client Write-up >Payroll Quarterly State Forms or >Reports >Payroll >Quarterly State Forms. At the State Forms wizard’s total page click >Export Detail.

Here you may select the desired Name Format.  Once you have configured the file, click >Export.   By default, the file will be saved within the QuickFile folder and will be named based on your company’s data folder name, the month and year.  You may rename and/or save in any location.  Click >Save to complete the process. The comma delimited file is now available to import into the Texas QuickFile program.