Vista Viewing Issues in CertiflexDimension Ultra

CertiflexDimension v10 users operating in Windows Vista may experience minor viewing issues produced by Vista’s default appearance settings.  This might result in highlighted selections appearing washed out or too light in color. Additionally, Vista’s default keyboard setting for underlined shortcuts may make it appear as though active CertiflexDimension buttons “disappear” when the ALT key is pressed. To correct these known Vista issues, follow these steps. Selected items are too light.
Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize.   Select Window Color and Appearance then click on the Advance button.  Under the Item dropdown menu, select Selected Items.  There will be two places to define color, one labeled Color 1 (default color is blue) and one just named Color (default color is white).  Click on the dropdown for Color and select a darker color.  Click OK and then click OK again.  Windows will then use the darker color for selected items in CertiflexDimension.
My buttons disappear when I press the ALT key.
Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize.  Click on Ease of Access  At the Ease of Access Center, click on Make the keyboard easier to use.  Scroll down to Make it easier to use keyboard shortcuts and check the box to Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys. Click Save in the bottom left corner.